School Fees


School Fees September 2020 - June 2021

Year Group Per month (over 12 months) Per Term (over 3 terms) Per year 
Year 7 £863 £3,452 £10,356

Year 8

£906 £3,624 £10,872
Year 9 £1,035 £4,140 £12,420
Years 10 & 11 £1,165 £4,660 £13,980
Years 12 & 13 £1,337 £5,348


Every effort is made to keep ‘extras’ to a minimum but it is likely that you will be billed for extra activities such as educational trips and activities. Your permission will be sought for your child to attend an activity that will generate an ‘extras’ charge in excess of £10.

Other Fees:

Registration Fee
(Early - up until the end of March in the year of entry)
(Late - after the end of March in the year of entry)


Acceptance Deposit*


One full term's fees
*(This amount is dependent on the student's year group e.g. Year 7 = £3,452 and Year 10 = £4,660).

Learning Support Session

£20 per session
(£10 if the session is shared with one or more student)

1) *Formal acceptance of a place will only be guaranteed on receipt of a full term's fees in advance of the students first term in the school. 
 Parents who cancel a place more than a full term in advance will not be required to pay fees in lieu of notice, under these circumstances the deposit will be refunded to you.  If no such notice is given, the School will retain the deposit payment. 

2) The Acceptance Deposit is fully refundable from the last fee bill, provided that the child completes their education with us or the necessary notice period is served. Alternatively, this can be donated to the Alumni fund. 

3) For the avoidance of doubt Y13 [Upper Sixth] is deemed the final year for notice purposes.
 Please note in particular that failure to give appropriate notice if it is intended to change school at the end of Year 11 will nonetheless result in a terms’ fees in lieu of notice being due.

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