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School Fees

Year Group Per month (over 12 months) Per Term (over 3 terms) Per year 
Year 7 £750 £3,000 £9,000

Year 8

£831.25 £3,325 £9,975
Year 9 £947.50 £3,790 £11,370
Years 10 & 11 £1,081.25 £4,325 £12,975
Years 12 & 13 £1,207.50 £4,830 £14,490

(1) A full term's notice is required before the removal of a pupil. In default of so doing, one term's fees in lieu of such notice will be charged.

(2) Every effort is made to keep ‘extras’ to a minimum but it is likely that you will be billed for extra activities such as educational trips and activities. Your permission will be sought for your child to attend an activity that will generate an ‘extras’ charge in excess of £10.

Other Fees:

Registration Fee
(Early - up until the end of March in the year of entry)
(Late - after the end of March in the year of entry)


Acceptance Deposit

Learning Support Session

£20 per 60 minute session
(£10 if the session is shared with one or more student)

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