"Deo Duce, Deo Luce"

With God my Leader, God my Light

Our schools have a clear Vision that enables every student to share in the life of the schools and to genuinely support the Headmaster and the staff in achieving higher goals. We also have a clear Ethos - to stretch and nurture our students so that they feel empowered to develop their talents in many different ways. We want our students to be rooted in the Christian Values of consideration, compassion, kindness, service, contribution to others and an openness to God, on which they can build their lives and which will be their inspiration in good times and comfort in bad.

The Prior Way:

Treat other people as you would like to be treated
Be honest
Show good manners
Be kind and helpful
Be your best self

Prior Park Schools welcomes pupils from all faith backgrounds and those with no faith into our inclusive environment and ensures that the teaching of other major religions (such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc) is delivered through Theology/Religious Studies.