Every Child Matters

"The pastoral care offered by the school is excellent and there is invaluable learning support outside of the classroom as well as within."

The transition from Middle School to Senior School can sometimes feel daunting, for both children and parents. Our aim, from the first year at Prior Park, is to provide pastoral care of an encouraging, supporting and disciplined nature for each student and to develop strong home/school partnerships ensuring the communication channels between the two are open and effective and remain so. 

We have small tutor groups with a tutor and a co-tutor providing a ratio of fewer than 12 children to each adult. We have a dedicated and inspired teaching team that brings the curriculum to life and makes it relevant to today’s students so they can engage with the wider world from an informed perspective. Our commitment is to deliver an education for the benefit of every child by providing a stimulating, challenging and joyful environment where everyone is valued and achievements and effort are celebrated equally.


Our vertical tutoring system and strong House system means that each child is part of a community with its own separate identity where new friendships are made and healthy competition between the houses is encouraged. 

Our strong PSHCE Programmes aim to support and challenge children to be effective citizens who understand a great deal about themselves and others, both spiritually and personally. 

Prior Park Schools are known for our exceptionally high standards. Our approach is simple, we value each individual student and focus our attention on developing their unique talents. By supporting and challenging every boy and girl, we strive to ensure that each has the opportunity and confidence to excel in their passions and talents and to grow beyond childhood into resourceful, resilient and open-minded adulthood.

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