Prior Park School Careers Fair

Prior Park School Careers Fair

Our school is very fortunate to welcome a whole array of professionals from local businesses to inspire and share their backgrounds with our Year 11 students. Whether it be Engineering, Law, Environmental Science or Wildlife Conservation the pupils are interested in, they will have the opportunity to learn, question and delve into the potential possibilities as options moving forward.

These upcoming weeks will be filled with multiple A-Level taster lessons, Career Talks and trips that will encourage our students to dream big when it comes to their future career paths and choices.

For more information on our full visitor list and their backgrounds, see: Prior Park Career Fair Booklet

Prior Park School Careers Fair

This week and next, our Year 11 students have exciting schedules full of taster sessions and career talks.

With professionals visiting to discuss the likes of Marine Biology, Nursing, Architecture and Aviation, the students will have plenty of inspiration and exposure to a full scope of future possibilities.

Prior Park awarded COBIS Membership Status

We are absolutely delighted to announce that following a number of in-person and virtual Compliance visits, Prior Park School has been awarded COBIS Membership Compliance Status.

Short Story Competition Winners

A huge congratulations to three of our students who have each won first prize in the age categories for the Gibraltar Short Story Competition!


Remote Learning in Lockdown

As we begin the second week of our remote teaching programme, we would like to thank everyone who has sent in kind words of encouragement to our staff and school community. They certainly don't go unnoticed and really help to keep spirits high. 

Creating a dyslexia friendly school

Building an inclusive school is hard work, requiring a clear vision and commitment. It’s a journey that we are only at the start of at Prior Park School but it’s one that the staff team is fully committed to and after 27 years teaching I have never been prouder to say I am a member of a school than I am to say I work here.

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