My gift 

It is not a surprise. 

It is not a gift you may be thinking, it's me, born healthy and supreme. 

My gift is to walk upright like a tree. 

My gift is perfect vision like a bird of prey. 

My gift is to think the same way as you. 

To move my arms the way my brain tells me to. 

To eat, not a tube in my stomach.  

To not be judged and be looked at unkindly. 

To climb like a fantastic monkey. 

To play with you. 

To speak the same way as you, to get in the best conversation. 

My gift is my friends that accepted me, no explanations needed.   

Many people are not born with the gifts like us. 

My cousin for one, but their gift is bravery to go through surgery 

And mental strength to fight on  

They are the same on the inside so accept them for who they are. 

All of you have a gift but some lives are harder than others. 

So, think how lucky you are, born in a safe country, not with savage men hunting you down. 

Killing each other for food. 

Everyone is born with a gift inside them. 

We are lucky. 

Remember that. 

Raffy, Year 7



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