Marine Invertebrates Interaction

Marine Invertebrates Interaction

Last week was Science Week and the Year 8s spent one of the mornings at Camp Bay with The Nautilus Project. The Nautilus dive team went out into Gibraltar's waters that morning and found a plethora of marine invertebrates to introduce to the students. This is all part of their ‘Catch, Learn and Release’ programme which they started to help educate people on the marine wildlife which inhabit our seas. The idea is, they catch the wildlife with the purpose of educating people about them and then release back into their natural habitat. 

These interactions are so important as they can ignite an interest and passion in our students for the wildlife. This is vital as it ensures their future preservation.  

Some of the invertebrates they were given the opportunity to hold included a star fish, sea urchin and sea cucumber. Although they were not allowed to handle the crab or squid, they were able to get an up-close look at them too.  

This was such an exciting opportunity for all the students, and they learnt so much. 

Modern Foreign Languages Week

The last week of September saw the languages department put on events to celebrate International Week of Languages (IWOL) here at Prior Park. It was an incredibly fun week filled with food, singing and guest speakers.

Humanities Week 2022

Last week was Humanities Week at Prior Park School Gibraltar. The students had an exciting week filled with trips, talks and quizzes. 

Louis (Y12) is Man of the Match

Louis, a Year 12 student at Prior Park Gibraltar did incredibly well over the weekend when he competed in Malta as part of Gibraltar’s cricket team.

Prior Park School Careers Fair

This week and next, our Year 11 students have exciting schedules full of taster sessions and career talks.

With professionals visiting to discuss the likes of Marine Biology, Nursing, Architecture and Aviation, the students will have plenty of inspiration and exposure to a full scope of future possibilities.

Prior Park awarded COBIS Membership Status

We are absolutely delighted to announce that following a number of in-person and virtual Compliance visits, Prior Park School has been awarded COBIS Membership Compliance Status.

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