The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

All Year 10's are encouraged to participate in the Bronze level and many go on to complete their Silver, then Gold in the Sixth Form. Participants who complete an award receive their awards at the Governor’s residence (The Convent), which are presented to participants by His Excellency the Governor himself.

Each level of the award has four sections to complete, Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and the Adventurous Journey. There is an additional section for Gold participants to complete, which is a five-day residential. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a challenging programme of activities designed for young people aged between 14 – 25. It is designed to be enjoyable and rewarding while also promoting personal development, self-reliance and leadership skills. 

Prior Park’s sub license allows us to operate at all three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold); the higher the level, the more time and effort is required. It is a personal challenge available to all, not a competition against others. Completion of the Award is voluntary, as participants commit some of their own time to undertake activities which they have selected. 

Adventurous Journeys are undertaken under the supervision of appropriately qualified staff, to a variety of areas including (Bronze) Alcaidesa, Jimena De La Frontera, (Silver) Cortes De La Frontera and Gredos. Participants also have the opportunity to complete their Gold Adventurous Journey abroad.

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