School Trips

At Prior Park School, we offer a wide variety of school trips, both educational and pure entertainment!

Our annual Snow Sports Trip is one of the most popular, with around 40 students hitting the slopes for a week's skiing and snowboarding. The trip is jam packed with evening entertainment, good food and is a fantastic opportunity for students across all year groups to bond outside the classroom. 

Subject specific trips such as Geography Field Trips, Languages Trips and Creative Arts Trip also feature regularly throughout the year. 

For our younger students, we run residential activity trips to Wakana Lake in Cadiz, Spain, where they can kayak, rock climb and much more with their peers. 

School Trips come at at extra cost but we try to keep these as low as possible, so they are accessible for all students. With the wide variety on offer, we hope to cater for every interest! See this link for an overview of the trip we offer. 

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