Co Curricular

"I have a happy child that progresses fantastically in every aspect of her school and co-curriculum life, as well as the fact that we as parents are treated like part of 'the family'. That's not something many other schools can claim in my experience."

Prior Park School runs an extensive Co-Curricular programme which takes place during lunchtimes and after school from 4-6pm Monday to Thursday.

Students will be supported in fulfilling the requirements of the ‘Prior Passport’ to demonstrate a commitment to a broad and balanced programme of personal development.  Prior Park recognises the wealth and high-level of a range of activities pursued by children in Gibraltar and in the Campo de Andalucia and will work to ensure that our boys and girls remain firmly embedded in these activities beyond our community.

Our co-curriculum  encompasses  four strands in Key Stage 3, as detailed below.
These are reduced to 3 strands in Key Stage 4. The students in years 10 - 13 work towards their chosen charity; raising awareness, funds and supporting local initiatives.