Fantastic results in full COBIS report

Following the recent COBIS Compliance Inspection, Prior Park has been given a full report which details how each of the five compliance categories have been rated as ‘Fully Compliant’ or elevated to ‘Best Practice.


The School has, as a priority, the recruitment of appropriately qualified and experienced staff. The report details how the school follows the highest standards for fair and safe recruitment to ensure the best quality staff are employed, both teaching and non-teaching.

Student Welfare

The school provides a safe and supportive environment for all young people. The report states that students were genuinely shocked when asked if there was a bullying problem in the school, one student commenting, “This is the most unified school that I know of”.

One current parent commented, “My son has only been here two weeks and he already has a wide group of friends, everyone makes friends easily”.

The visiting inspector was impressed with how visible staff were around the school and how older students act as role models to the younger students, and have been given more responsibility around the site.


The school provides all students with access to an environment that is conducive to learning, and that keeps them safe. The report found that the school has modern, light and airy classrooms, which provide excellent working spaces, equipped to the highest UK standards.


The school’s Governors work to support students and the work of the school. The way in which the school is governed, ensures that the safeguarding of all students is of the upmost importance, with all school governors being trained to the highest standard to ensure that the school is led by example from the top down.

Ethos and Values

The school has an evident British ethos and promotes internationalism. The report identified the schools numerous links with the local community, including charity work in support of the Women’s Refuge and other local initiatives such as the Nautilus Project and Clean Up The World Day.

Parents felt that their children were growing up to be open-minded and in a discussion with students, the inspector found that they had a deeper understanding about the world than their peers in other countries and expressed this with maturity and clarity unusual for students of their age.

Overall, the report identifies the high level of dedication that staff show to the school and the way in which students are supported on an individual level to ensure Prior Park is a place where no one feels left out.

The school’s faith, values and its insistence on a strong curriculum, strong pastoral care and a broad range of extra-curricular activities all work towards the school accomplishing its aims.

Headmaster Peter Watts is delighted with the full report ‘It is great that the hard work of the staff and students, and the support of our parents, in turning Prior Park into the vibrant and caring community it is in such a short space of time since opening has been recognised.’

The full report can de downloaded at the side of this page.