'Best Practice' ratings in COBIS visit

Prior Park School awarded ‘Best Practice’ ratings in recent COBIS Compliance Inspection.

“This is the most unified school I know of” – Current Student

This week, Prior Park School played host to Mr John Coombes, Assistant Head at The British School in the Netherlands. The purpose of Mr Coombes’ visit was to conduct a compliance inspection on behalf of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and to assess the school based on a set of five standards.

Headmaster, Peter Watts, is extremely proud to announce that Prior Park has been given a rating of ‘Fully Compliant’ in all of the following categories. Some of the categories were also elevated to a rating of ‘Best Practice’, meaning that COBIS will use Prior Park School as an example of best practice for other schools around the world.

Recruitment – The School has, as a priority, the recruitment of appropriately qualified and experienced staff.

Student Welfare – The school provides a safe and supportive environment for all young people.

Facilities – The school provides all students with access to an environment conducive to learning, and that keeps them safe.

Governance – The school’s Governors work to support students and the work of the school.

Ethos and Values – The school has an evident British ethos and promotes internationalism.

“The Headmaster shows an interest in each student as an individual and is always visible around the school” – Current Parent

During his three-day visit, Mr Coombes spoke with parents, students, staff and Governors; as well as visiting lessons and touring the school site during break and lunch times. He was impressed with the level of maturity and clarity expressed by students as they spoke with him, and commented on the awareness students had of wider issues faced internationally.

The excellent ratings given by COBIS reinforce the values and high standards that everyone at Prior Park is so dedicated to uphold. The full report from COBIS will be available to the public in two weeks’ time.

John Peter