National Poetry Day

Our Year 8 and 9 students have been writing some very emotive short poems about the sea to celebrate National Poetry Day today. Have a read below....

The sea is an angry wolf

Dangerous and daring

It comes to the shore

Searching for prey

Claws at the cliffs

Rocks crashing down

Roaring out his anger.

By Hannah Koessler Y8


The sea is a wheel

Enormous and black

It rolls on the beach all day

But never goes far

It’s always pulled back

By Louis Bruce Y8


The sea is a prison

Dark and brutal

Depth of the ocean

Containing the spirits

Of lost souls of the seas

There is no escape.

By Ella Scarrott Y8



The sea is a rollercoaster

Waves bump around

Giant and crystal clear

Arms up and swaying

Peak to trough

Plummeting down


It ricochets off the stones.

By Adam Saul Y9


The sea is a thunderous lion

Gloomy and deep

Eating away at the waves

With his fluffy mane and

Endeavouring teeth.

Upon the day he roars

Struggles and gnaws,

Scratch, scratch, scratch

The huge lion cries

Licking his salty paws.

By Ishika Nagrani Y9


Uncharted, flooding waters

Racing the rising sun

Romancing sparkling

Yet murky, wispy, dark

Encircling luminous currents

With blue obscurity

Crystal smooth currents

Shred on the

Sharpened rocks.

By Natalia Bagliatello Y9