Learning is limitless

Our curriculum is broad and creative in flavour in Years 8 and 9. It not only allow us to expose children to the full range of subjects on offer at GCSE but also to study topics such as the History and Geography of Gibraltar and aspects of Spanish and Moorish culture that will not be examined formally in year 11.

KS4 is more traditional in style. Whilst it is inevitable that GCSE examinations at the end of this period should influence the shape of what is studied and in what proportions, we are very keen that this should also be a time when children still have opportunities to express themselves and develop their creativity in art, music and drama and also learn vital physical skills in PE.

We encourage pupils to think for themselves, form opinions and communicate well; to respect other points of views but to debate rigorously.

Our co-curriculum encompasses three strands 

  • Team Sports/Activity. Examples include: tennis, sailing, rugby, chess
  • Creativity/Enrichment. Examples include: orchestra, manga drawing, public speaking, art club, debating, app design
  • Service/Leadership. Examples include: DofE, gardening, eco-committee, CCF, community outreach

Children at Prior Park School will be supported in fulfilling the requirements of the ‘Prior Passport’ to demonstrate a commitment to a broad and balanced programme of personal development. To do this they will need to participate weekly in at least one activity slot that stands as their Service/Leadership commitment, another that showcases them developing their Creativity and two occasions in the week where they participate in Team Sports/Physical Activity. Prior Park recognises the wealth and high-level of a range of activities pursued by children in Gibraltar and in the Campo de Andalucia and will work to ensure that our boys and girls remain firmly embedded in these activities beyond our community.