Leadership, Development & Social Life

Leadership Opportunities

Experiences outside the classroom play a vital role in developing the student as a whole person and at Prior Park; we offer a variety of opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills.

As the oldest students in the school, they will have the chance to take on roles of responsibility and leadership within the school community. This includes mentoring and tutoring younger pupils, acting as school ambassadors for visitors and off-site trips, leading school events and working on the Student Council in various roles.

These opportunities enable students to improve their self-confidence, self-reliance and build on important life and social skills.

Work Experience Placements

During the first year of A Levels, all students will be given the opportunity to deepen and enrich their studies and to go beyond just gaining qualifications. Students will get the chance to undertake a tailored and meaningful work placement, shadowing business professionals in the workplace.

This will develop a better understanding of their chosen industry and enable students to gain invaluable skills and experience before stepping into the workplace themselves. This will give students a fantastic head start when they leave Prior Park age 18, as well as a valuable addition to their CVs.

Social Life

Good schools help to prepare their students for a rich and fulfilling life after school and part of that should be giving them experience in a number of different social settings. In addition to the informal social life, based around the Common Room, we hope to offer a programme of more formal events such as dinner parties, including opportunities to select and prepare a menu, leavers' suppers (to which parents are invited) and a Sixth Form Ball. It is also hoped that our Sixth Formers will generate their own ideas of events and activities for the whole school to enjoy.

Starting the Sixth Form in a new school can be an intimidating prospect and we hope to reduce some of the anxiety and uncertainty for our new students by holding induction events, such as taster days at school and also an activity weekend with our existing Year 11 students.