Individual Attention & Pastoral Care

Individual Attention

Students who choose to study for A Levels will be given more responsibility for their own learning and will be expected to show a mature approach to their studies. Alongside this, students will be supported by their tutors and mentors as they move through the Sixth Form. The small class sizes at Prior Park ensure that each and every students gets the individual attention they need to achieve success at A Level.

Prior Park prides itself on the close working relationships that can evolve between students and teacher from having small class sizes. There is a maximum of 12 students in an A Level teaching group, meaning that students get the best possible learning experience and one-to-one support that they need. This personalised teaching style also ensures that parents are informed as soon as any issues arise and can play a part in improving their child’s Sixth Form experience.

Pastoral Care

Our programme of pastoral care is central to school life. Its aim is to enable our students to make their own informed decisions, to assume responsibility for their actions and to recognise his or her own value as a unique person. It enables them to see the world outside the classroom and to prepare to fulfil their role in society.

Pastoral issues are addressed through school assemblies, form periods, house groups and the PSHCE Programme. This aims to educate pupils to become effective citizens who understand a great deal about themselves and others, both spiritually and personally. We want our boys and girls to contribute to communities that they are a part of, both inside and outside school, locally and globally. Fundraising for charity and giving of time and energy to community projects are important aspects of who we are as a school. Many parent chose Prior Park Schools because of this strong Christian identity and sense of community.