Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The Extended Project Qualification is an option for those students looking to go beyond the standard A Level Curriculum.

Students can choose to focus on any topic they wish, from Sports to Psychology, and work on this project independently, developing important skills and knowledge that goes beyond the textbooks. It allows students to create their own pathways and follow their own interests.

The EPQ is a voluntary project, which requires the student to have a certain amount of self-motivation and drive. With a dedicated personal mentor at the school for guidance, students will work on their unique project, using your initiative and doing your own research, completing an extra qualification alongside you’re a Levels, by the time you leave Prior Park.

A completed EPQ is equivalent to an AS Level and is well regarded by universities as evidence of a student who is ready to undertake a degree. Universities will often look out for students who have put in the extra work to stand out in their applications and this is a great way to get noticed.