Academic Scholarships

At Prior Park, we recognise hard work and commitment. We will be offering two scholarships up to 50% (subject to means testing) to students who show an outstanding level of academic achievement.  

Applying for a scholarship:

1. Registration

Download and complete a registration form, return this to us along with the £100 registration fee.

2. Assessment 

Students must attend an assessment day on Thursday 15th March to complete an Entrance Aptitude Test called YELIS.

This is a 50-minute online assessment, which assesses Vocabulary, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Abilities. It also assesses the student’s aptitude towards learning in general and enables us to compare students against national averages.

3. Interview and Timed Essay

Each student must meet with the Headmaster for a 20-minute interview, after which they must complete a timed essay (30 minutes). The title of the essay will be “How my Sixth Form education will shape my future aspirations”.

4. Conditional Offers

Successful applicants will receive a letter making them a conditional offer of a scholarship, subject to them satisfying the minimum requirements for Sixth Form entry.

5. GCSE Results Day – Thursday 23rd August 2018 Entry into the Sixth Form is dependent on an ability to benefit from higher studies, showing aptitude and maturity. The minimum requirement for Sixth Form entry is 6 GCSEs 9-4 grade (A*-C which must include both English Language and Maths). There is a specific grade requirement of a minimum of a 6, in order to choose an A Level option, if the student has studied the subject before.

6. Acceptance

If a student has been successful throughout the admissions process and has achieved the minimum required GCSE grades, we can offer a formal place in the Sixth Form at Prior Park. This is when we will confirm the academic scholarships to successful applicants.